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IIL has installed a €2.5 million plant in Tema for the production of polystyrene panels for construction of buildings and for sale to various developers who will adopt the advanced building technology that will be offered by IIL.

The current capacity of our panel production plant installed in Tema is 1,000 2-Bedroom Houses per year operating 16 hours/day. It is planned that this capacity will be increased to 5,000 houses after the first year of operation. 

The panels produced include:

Single panels:

This is made up of a spatial steel lattice enclosing an expanded polystyrene slab that is then finished on site with plaster. This panel is perfect for walls, partitions, claddings, floors and roofing of both civil and industrial applications. Used as a load-bearing structure, for buildings of up of 6 floors, with structural plaster placed on both sides; as partitions and claddings, in new buildings or in those in need for renovation as curtain walls and partitions in large-sized industrial and commercial buildings; as insulating frameworks for roofing and insulating frameworks for roofing and moderate spam floors, prepared with or without pre-cast beams.

Double panels:

This is an insulated double panel, excellent for reinforced concrete walls, including load- bearing and retention ones. The double panel consists of two basic panels, suitably shaped and joined to one another by double horizontal connectors, creating a cavity to be filled with concrete having appropriate characteristics and strength. The panel is then finished by external plaster.


Floor panels:

A panel used to build floors and roofing with reinforced concrete joints, providing significant advantages in terms of lightness, insulation and speed of assembly. The pre-formed polystyrene foam slab, reinforced with suitable steel joists, and then adding cast-in- place concrete, can be used to construct floors or roofing when reinforced with suitable steel joists and then adding cast-in-place concrete.

Staircase panels:

This is a panel for the fast construction of lightweight and resistant stairs. Made up of a polystyrene foam block the panel is shaped to design requirements and sandwiched between two metal meshes by welded steel wires. When reinforced and cast-in-place it is ideal to build stairs that can be externally finished with traditional plaster, tiles or any other finishing material. The stair panel is quick and easy to install and offers a particular lightness and strength.


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