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The construction industry in Ghana is growing as evidenced by the industry growth rate, increase in total cost of materials for all buildings as well as the value of reported private building works completed in selected main towns.

However, the only market segment well catered for in housing provision in the country is the upper middle and high-income categories. Though the cost of housing has been increasing further beyond the reach of low-income earners, most of the developers anticipate that low and lower-middle class housing will drive demand in the future. Furthermore, property investors might shift their future attention towards the low and lower-middle class housing sector since the upper and upper-middle class housing market is experiencing stagnation due to the economic slowdown and threat of oversupply.

The 4G Building Technology is considered favourable as a material for construction as analysed in terms of affordability, availability, safety, security and in terms of construction speed. It rates as good as other construction material and even better in terms of speed of construction. This indicates high acceptability probability by the current developers within the country depending on depth of marketing and level of training provided.

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