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Italconstruct International Limited, a wholly Ghanaian owned estate and construction company, has unveiled its latest advanced technology estate housing units in Accra.

The luxurious housing units built with modern construction technology are earthquake and hurricane resistant; and over and above all, fire-proof. The housing units incorporated for executive living are also suitable for Ghana’s weather conditions as they come with high heat and sun insulation technology.

They also come with a bio digester which can store waste for over 20 years as well as process it into fuel for cooking and lighting, thereby cutting down expenses on energy consumption like gas and electricity bills.

The Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Jonny Osei Kofi, speaking at the launch of Italcourt lauded Italconstruct for its innovation and creativity.“It is a great pleasure for me to know that there has been such innovation going on in our country.

Formerly, all we knew were brick and mortar which could take months to complete in order that you might be housed; but I understand with the Ital technology one can put up a three-bedroom house within three weeks that is impressive,” he said. He also challenged the company to target the youth, who form the majority of the country’s population, through flexible rental and payment systems.

The Managing Director of the Company, Kwesi Baidoo, said it is time building and construction companies in the country adopted new building technologies that ensure quick completion and reduction in cost. “The technology we employ is known as the Italconstruct advanced building technology, which has several interesting advantages including: versatility, energy savings, excellent acoustics, fire resistance, bullet-proof walls, and cyclone resistance,” he said.

The Minister further pledged government’s readiness for public-private partnerships geared toward reducing the country’s huge housing deficit.



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